Monday, September 29, 2008

Stocking Stuffer Idea - Cute Reindeers

Too Cute Reindeer Craft
I'm going to make these for the children I give to this year. I think they are so cute.

Materials needed:
Two standard-sized washcloths, tan and white
2 bars of bath-size soap
4 wiggle eyes
2 red pompoms
4 brown pipe cleaners
2 rubberbands
12 tiny jingle bells
Decorative cord or ribbon
Velvet ribbon for bow
Small bell for Rudy
Tacky glue
Blush make-up for cheeks

1. Open washcloth and place it on the table with one corner facing you. This makes the washcloth a diamond shape.
2. Place the soap in the center of it.
3. Bring the corner facing you and the back corner up together. Roll the two corners backwards down to the top of the soap. <>4. Take the two side corners in your hands and bring together at the top this will form the ears.
Secure them together with a rubberband down next to the soap. Shape to resemble ears.
5. Fold one pipe cleaner in half and poke it between the ears and through the rubberband.
6. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist it around to make the antlers. Do this on both sides.
7. Now attach the tiny jingle bells through the ends of the antlers. Fold the pipe cleaners back to secure them on.
8. Tie a decorative ribbon, cord or bow around the bottom of the ears. The bow shown in the sample has a small bell attached.
9. Glue on pompom nose and wiggle eyes.
10. Put a small amount of blush on each cheek.


Anonymous said...

These are so cute I have to make them for my Christmas baskets

CraftOne1001 said...
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