Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 7: Elf On The Shelf Gets Crafty

Candy the elf decided to be crafty last night.
She made each of the kids some edible necklace, 
which were made out of cereal.

She even made one for herself!

Here's Jayden wearing his necklace!

Here's Tristan, proudly wearing his necklace!

And here is Brayden, who's trying to wake up,
wearing his necklace.

Well, I must add, the necklace did get eaten!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 6: Elf On The Shelf Pop's Some Fun!

Today, our little elf, Candy, decided to pop some popcorn.
She wanted to make a batch to share with everyone, and made a mess at it.

Tristan came out of his bedroom, and laughed at Candy.
He said, she wanted a popcorn party!

Brayden said..Candy made a big mess!

Jayden, well he was amused, 
but also didn't play shy and ate some popcorn!

Come back tomorrow for some more fun!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 5: Elf On The Shelf...Gets Sucked Up!

What did our little elf do last night?
Looks like she got her self sucked into something she didn't want to be in.
Yup...that's her in our vacuum...crazy little elf!
What are the boys going to think?

Jayden was first to wake up, and found her stuck in the vacuum.
He yelled, "Oh No!  What Happen!?"

Tristan than woke up.  But he couldn't find Candy the elf, so I asked Jayden to show Tristan
where the elf was.  Tristan laughed so hard, and then said, "That is the Most Silliest Thing!"

Then Brayden woke up.  He too, could not find Candy.
So Tristan pointed it out to him.
Brayden laughed and said "She's Stuck!  She Can't Get Out!"

We had a very FUN morning!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shocking! Elf On The Shelf - Day 4

Can you believe what Candy the elf did last night? The kids were in shock! Plus, she was caught red handed with the black marker...

Check it out!  She took that marker and drew on the kids school pictures!  

Then she wrote on our mirror! 
That silly o' elf.

See you tomorrow...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Elf On The Shelf: Day 3 2012

Day 3:  Today the boys woke up to Candy playing Angry Birds.  It was hilarious!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 2: Elf On The Shelf 2012

Day 2:  Today, the boys found Candy the elf playing UNO with Woody & Buzz!  It was very exciting!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elf On The Shelf Returns! Day 1

Our elf from the Elf On The Shelf has returned this morning.  She was suppose to return on Thanksgiving, but do to a snow storm at the North Pole she was late.  But that's okay, she's here now, and this is where we found her this morning...

She wrote on our notepad..."Hi, I Am Back!  Candy". 
The boys named her Candy.  
Can't wait to see where she'll end up tomorrow!


Family Photo

This year I needed to do a Family Photo and decided to do it a little different this year!

All I did was buy a piece of poster board and lined it with green paper like this...

I then used my green screen software, and edited it.  I started with my baby girl since she did not need to hold the frame and then worked my way up.  It was fun to do and I think it turned out really well!

Merry Christmas!

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