Saturday, December 17, 2016

10 Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

I'm always trying to find new ideas for my little elves to do.  After 5 years, I feel I have exhausted on ideas!  But luckily, with the internet, a clever husband and just last minute uh ha's we're having another successful year!  Here are 10 of my favorite Elf  Moments from this year!

Movie night!  Grab a bag of microwave popcorn, some popcorn boxes and a movie to advertise that it'll be movie night tonight!  We watched the Grinch, and added the Grinch stuffie to the set up to make it more fun!

Make your own Christmas Cards!  I had these on hand, but if not, go to your local craft store for blank cards and envelopes, stickers, scrapbook paper and glue sticks and have your elves display all the items so the children can make some homemade Christmas cards for family and friends!

Give them an Elf!  My kids get upset because they can't touch the elves.  So the elves gave them each their own stuff elf so they can hold on to them and sleep with them every night!  It was a big hit!

Paper Elves!  Grab some paper, fold it accordion style, draw half of an elf body on the folded side, cut it out and open it up and you have a hand to hand of elves!  It was a cute decoration that the elves made for our home!

Elf Refueling Station!  Elves love Cocoa!  I have some empty cocoa k-cups that I saved and some paper straws and placed the little elves next to the Keurig for a cocoa station.  This could be done next to teapot and elves drinking cocoa out of an empty cocoa packet.

Empty Out The Pantry!  Those little elves love making messes!  This was easy, and I was able to "clean" out the pantry.  Just pull everything out of the pantry or cabinets and place the items on the table or counter top.  My kids found this to be hysterical!  

Snowball Fight!  How easy is this?!  Crinkle paper into balls and place them around the living room or area you plan on placing the elves with a sign that says Snowball Fight Anyone?  We actually took the crinkle up paper and had a "snowball fight" with the kids!  They had a lot of fun!

Elf Igloo!  It's been really cold here where we live!  So it felt appropriate to set up some toilet paper rolls in a shape of an igloo to represent to cold weather we have been dealing with for the elves to feel at home (North Pole).  Note:  If you have cats, cover it with a blanket so they don't destroy the igloo!

Green Light!  Elves love Christmas lights!  So we bought some green lights from Walmart and replaced all our lights with the green ones.  The elves left a note that said to turn on all the lights to see what they did!  The kids loved the green lights!!!

Minion Banana's!  We watched the trailer for the new Despicable Me 3 movie that comes out next year, the kids were very excited!  Which made me think of the Minion Banana faces!  I told the kids the Elves were excited about the new Despicable Me 3 movie too!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 1 - Elves are Back!

Our little elves always come back after we get home from out Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmas.  This year the kids could not wait until we left Grandmas to find the elves at home.  So after a wonderful meal, dessert and some play time outside in the snow, we decided to head home.

I told the kids, be prepared, it's been a while since we've seen the elves, hopefully they didn't forget to come.  So the kids walked in, took their coats and boots off and ran into the living room.  They were looking high and low and finally I hear "there they are!"

Here they were in the fireplace and chimney I made.  One of them got stuck coming down the chimney.  The kids thought it was hilarious!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Cardboard Fireplace

I have always wanted to make a cardboard chimney for the holidays.  A real one would be better, but since I don't live in a place where that can be allowed that's not going to happen, I thought for years how great it would be to have a fake one.  Well, I could got buy one for like $400.  Nope, not what I want to spend.  So one day while I was surfing Pinterest, I came a cross a pin that excited me.  It was showing you how to make your own cardboard fireplace.  I loved it!  I said that's it, I'm going to make one this year!

So today I did!  Unfortunately, the pin does not link a source but I will link the pin that shows the images on how to create one:

This is how mine came out!  I'm very excited.  I ended up using a lightweight vinyl brick roll.  It was easy to put on and I just cut off the extra that I didn't need and secured it with strapping tape.  For the inside of the chimney I used black card stock.  For the top, I had some left over wainscoting that I used for my daughter room, so I secured it to the top of the chimney as a shelf.   It was pretty easy to do and now I have a fireplace for our stockings to hang.

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