Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DIY Cardboard Fireplace

I have always wanted to make a cardboard chimney for the holidays.  A real one would be better, but since I don't live in a place where that can be allowed that's not going to happen, I thought for years how great it would be to have a fake one.  Well, I could got buy one for like $400.  Nope, not what I want to spend.  So one day while I was surfing Pinterest, I came a cross a pin that excited me.  It was showing you how to make your own cardboard fireplace.  I loved it!  I said that's it, I'm going to make one this year!

So today I did!  Unfortunately, the pin does not link a source but I will link the pin that shows the images on how to create one:

This is how mine came out!  I'm very excited.  I ended up using a lightweight vinyl brick roll.  It was easy to put on and I just cut off the extra that I didn't need and secured it with strapping tape.  For the inside of the chimney I used black card stock.  For the top, I had some left over wainscoting that I used for my daughter room, so I secured it to the top of the chimney as a shelf.   It was pretty easy to do and now I have a fireplace for our stockings to hang.


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