Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 3 - Stuck In A Balloon!

Our little elves wanted to decorate the house with balloons, 
and some how got stuck in side of them...hmm, little stinkers!

Jayden getting a closer look at the elf that's stuck in the balloon!

Later on, I had Tristan use a needle to free the elves.
Don't worry, neither elf got hurt doing this!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 2 - The Elves Are Being Trapeze!

This morning the kids found the elves just hanging around.  Practicing their trapeze I suppose.  Love the kids reaction to the elves.  They always giggle and laugh at them!

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Day 1...The Elves Are Back!

A year has gone by since the last time our little elves arrived.  The boys were getting very excited as we ended our Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house.  They knew once we got home, Candy & Mandy, our little elves would be there waiting for us!

So after a great meal and time with the family, we headed home.  The excitement was high as we were driving home.  As soon as we drove in the driveway, the kids were ready to bolt out of the van.

Here is what we saw once we got inside, and in the living room....

The boys screamed as they spotted the elves!

They even did their little project that the elves left for them.
Which was making their own elf!
Which you can find here.

The boys all done with their elves!

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