Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 10: Elf On The Shelf Hides Ornaments & Gives Magic Water

This morning, our little elf, Candy was up to some sneaky things last night.
She hid 6 of our ornaments around the house and gave the kids some "Magic Elf Water"
from the North Pole.

Here's the note.

Here are the boys, finding Candy the elf, the note and the water!

Tristan found the 1st ornament!

Brayden found the 2nd ornament!

Tristan found the 3rd ornament!

Tristan found the 4th ornament!

Jayden found the 5th ornament!

Jayden hanging his ornament on the tree!

Brayden found the 6th ornament!

Tristan hanging the ornaments he found on to the tree!

Brayden hanging the ornaments he found on to the tree!

I purchase the Elf Notes from Etsy.

I made the Elf Water Printable.
You can download it here.

See you tomorrow!

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