Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Tree Themes

Do you want to try something new this year with your Christmas Tree? Here are some Christmas Tree Themes you can try.

1. Thanksgiving Tree - Perfect if you put up multiple trees, this can be your first one to decorate! Use any Thanksgiving decor.
2. Snow Tree - Use anything that is white & blue or snow.
3. Pink Tree - Use anything that is pink.
4. Upside Down - Buy an upside down Christmas Tree.
5. Garland Tree - Check it out here on how to make your own Garland Tree.
6. Antique Tree - Use antique or antique looking ornaments.
7. Kid Tree - Ornaments that your children or grandchildren have made for you through the years or anything kid like.
8. 12 Days Of Christmas - Decorate your tree with ornaments that tell the story of the 12 Days Of Christmas.
9. Candy Tree - Use real or fake candy to decorate your tree.
10. Disney Tree - Add your favorite Disney Characters to your tree.
11. Nativity Tree - Keep the meaning of Christmas by displaying Mary, Joseph, Jesus and all the remaining Nativity animals & people on your tree.
12. Woodland Forest Tree - Add forest creatures to create a woodland forest tree.
13. Ribbons & Bows - Fill your tree with ribbons and bows to make it look like the tree is a gift.
14. Santa Tree - A tree full of Santa's!
15. Snowman Tree - Fill the tree with all kinds of snowmen.
16. Sports Tree - Have your tree display your favorite sports or sports team!
17. Gingerbread Tree - Fill your tree with gingerbread men.
18. Victorian Tree - Go back to a time of Victorian style.
19. Western Tree - Bring out the cowboy (or cowgirl) in you...hee haw!
20. Old Fashion Tree - Bring back the Old Fashion Christmases you or your Grandparents remember.

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