Thursday, December 10, 2009

Children - 2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you still not sure what to get that one child on your Christmas list (or maybe a few children). Here are some ideas that you may want to check out...there still some time!!!

For Either Boy or Girl

SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes

EZ-Fort by Toobeez


Product Features

* WOW Over 40 Parts! Includes a mesh bag to tote all your wacky parts!
* Create funny faces! Mix 'n Match fun!
* Create Princess Spud, King Pud, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potato Head & Chef Spud!
* Ages 2+

This is a great Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head set!! This set comes with 2 Potato Heads and over 40 parts!!

Iplay Lobster Tub Caddy

Product Features

* Make bathtime, funtime
* Lobster acts as drainable scoop for collecting and rinsing toys
* Claws are strainers
* Suction cup wall mount
* Ages 18 months and up

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera

* Award Winning Kid Tough Camera
* Easy-to-use format and simple buttons
* Children can see pictures they just took on the 1.5" color LCD preview screen
* Features image resolution of 1.3 or .3 Megapixels which is selected by the user to create great 4x5 prints
* 128MB of Flash memory for storing up to 500 pictures

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