Monday, September 22, 2008

Christmas Cookie Swap Meet

Step 1
Grab your pen and paper and jot down who you would like to call and invite them to come to your Cookie Swap. This is an opportunity for them to share their favorite recipes and bring their own homemade baked Cookies. Encourage them to also bring the recipes to the Cookies they are bringing to the Swap. Keep track of who is coming and what they are bringing. Be sure to set a specific date and time. Don't forget to send out Invitations to those who you couldn't personally invite.

Step 2
Create individual Goodie Bags to hold all of the guest's Cookies. Medium sized paper bags work fine. Use your pen to personalize each bag with the name of each guest.
(You could also use tins, boxes or whatever you can imagine)

Step 3
On the day of the swap, be sure to have several copies of your favorite recipes on note cards displayed near the plate of the Cookies you just baked.

Step 4
Be sure that every guest is happy and takes home a variety of Cookies

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