Saturday, September 20, 2008

Make a Footprint Ornament

Prints of their precious little feet become a perfect memento ornament for baby. Use scrapbook paper as a background and embellish with a ribbon border.

What You Need
Baby's footprints
Two pieces of light-colored scrapbook paper
Silver card stock with satin finish
Paper glaze such as Aleene's Paper Glaze
Embossing stylist tool
Two-sided adhesive foam dots
Double-sided tape
Crafts knife
Access to computer/printer/copier or letter stickers
3/8-inch-wide ribbon
2 silver rondelle beads

How to Make It
Copy an image of baby's footprints onto a piece of light-colored scrapbook paper. Brush two coats of paper glaze onto the scrapbook paper, allowing drying time in between. (This will protect the paper from fingerprints and dust, etc.)

Cut out the paper footprints. Cut a square of colored scrapbook paper large enough to display the footprints. Cut a slightly larger square of silver card stock. Turn silver paper over and lay it on a soft surface such as a piece of craft foam or cardboard. Using a stylist tool, make dot impressions around the edge of the square.

Apply foam dots (two layers) to the back of footprints. Apply footprints to square of colored scrapbook paper. Apply paper square to square of silver paper using double-sided tape.

The next step can be done two ways:

Option 1: Cut out a square of scrapbook paper larger than the silver card stock. Adhere it with double-sided tape and apply adhesive letter stickers for the birth information.

Option 2: Print directly onto the paper using a computer and printer paper. Create a document and type in the middle of the document page the birth name and birth date. Print it out in portrait mode. Next create another document; type in the birth length on one page and the birth weight on another page. Feed the birth name, birth date page back into the paper feeder so the birth length will print on that page. Then feed the same page through again so the birth weight will print on it as well. This takes a little practice to line up the words. Trim the paper into a rectangle and adhere it with double-sided tape to the silver paper.
Using a crafts knife on a protected surface, cut two small diagonal slits in the top two corners of the ornament. Cut one end of the ribbon on a diagonal and feed it through the slit from back to front. Thread one rondelle bead through the ribbon. Tie a knot in the ribbon and feed the loose end back down through the bead and through the second slit to the back. Repeat for the other side.

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