Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Chain Advent

Today My oldest son and I put together a Christmas Chain Advent. Here is what you'll need...

3 pieces of construction paper. (May need more, depends on how many colors you'll be using to make the chain).
Tape or Glue

Step 1
Using 1 piece of construction paper mark 1 inch along the edge.
Turn it to the opposite side and mark 1 inch along the edge again

Step 2
Connect the 1 inch marks from left to right using your ruler

Do the same with the other pieces of construction paper until you have 25 1 inch strips.

Step 3
Now number the 1 inch strips. I use red & green so red was all odd numbers and green was all even numbers. But if using more than two colors pick your own pattern. This is how the chain will be connected.

Step 4
Cut out all the strips

Step 5
Take #1 chain and roll it in a circle

Step 6
Tape or glue the ends of the circle together

Now you have your first chain.

Step 7
Now with #2 slide it in the circle of #1, then tape the ends together to form 2 chains.

Step 8
Keep doing this until you have a chain of 25

Here is our finished chain..

Now on December 1st your child will rip #1 chain off, then on December 2nd your child will rip #2 off, and so on.

I put a little jingle bell on #25 just to give it more excitement for my son. Do whatever your imagination can think of.

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