Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Rich Christmas

Things are going to be tight this year. With me not working and the only income is from Adam, Christmas is going to be small. Small with presents that is, but that don't mean it's going to be a disappointment. I'm going to have the boys make some gifts for the family and how about those construction paper chains that we use to do as a kid. Tristan is 4 now, so I think he'll have fun doing that. Plus I'm planing on doing a baking swap. It's sort of like the cookie swap, the only difference is we all bake together. It's usually my mom, me, my aunt & my cousin that do this. We haven't done it in about 3 years. We all bring a recipe and bake/cook something and then when we're all done, we exchange what we made with each other. It's really nice to have the family together, even something simple as that. We usually end up laughing, and telling stories. Now my cousin and I have stories to tell about our children, heck they can help too.

I'm looking for more ideas of what a family can do during the holiday, and some homemade Christmas gifts. I already have one gift my sons are going to make for the family, but still looking for some more. The best thing about the internet, there are thousands of ideas out there!

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