Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where Is Christmas? Not At Walmart!

This is the most ridicules story I have heard. A wal-mart employee dies because of disrespectful, uncaring, selfish, and barbaric shoppers. This is not Christmas. Christmas is about love, caring of others, help in need, giving of oneself and being thoughtful. These shoppers didn't have any of this. They were just thinking of themselves. I was sad as I read the story about the employee, but disgusted and angry about the shoppers. How can buying a present be more important than someones life. It's just material, it's not a life. Then, some shoppers were mad because the security wanted to close the doors because now it's a crime scene. Some shoppers complain because they were in line all night. What? Not even caring that someone had died, doing his job, more concern because they waited in the cold night for a stupid bargin. I'm outrage. There are no morals here. These people need to learn about Christmas, because obviously they don't know what it is.

Jesus wouldn't want us to go chaotic for a gift, he'd want us to be with our love ones, which is the best gift anyone could get. Of course some people now a days believes the more gifts, the more expensive the better. That's were Christmas isn't in there hearts, it's just about material.

Giving a gift, is special, and yes that is the point of Christmas, is to give, but giving with love and care behind it, not a person's death, not fighting crowds and being rude to one another.

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Domestic Goddess said...

Wow, I didn't hear about that! Maybe I should stop living under a rock...lmao. Being a Walmart employee myself, I see those people on a regular basis.

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